• Rajib Kumar Jena

Your feeling towards vulnerable & marginalized souls shapes your attitude towards fellow humans

I stepped out of a show room and was walking back to my car

Suddenly came across a set of pensive eyes with a smile on her face. Wrinkled lines of an old lady was expressing her plead for a help

And we call it “begging” without knowing what had been the compelling reason for her to squat on a road and stretch out her hand for a help

And she was in her grace to the best of her abilities burdened under the cruelties of life

Of course I gave her money and a reply smile back, but that wasn’t comforting..

Does she need money or a little humanness, kindness and a little respect?

I was brooding myself on this emotion when I felt a respect for her just like I feel for my mother , particularly due to her advanced age and vulnerability....and didn’t like labeling her as a “beggar”

( We don’t see much of begging around. A few months back I and my wife packed food and wanted to feed to a needy in an afternoon and we had to search a lot to find one. I was happy about it in a way and was praying if this curse could be fully eradicated from our land at least)

Of course she is someone’s wife, someone’s mother and someone’s sister

Do we feel respectful for vulnerables in our society without being judgmental about them ?

A food for thought


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