• Rajib Kumar Jena

Fail Fast And Succeed Long..Failures are your Oppertunities

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Failing means one has a huge opportunity

1. You can look at where you goofed up and what options available for you to catch-up and excel

2. You re-evaluate whether you have the real passion or interest or talent for it. If you are doing it under compulsion, can you have options available to chose something that is more fitting?

3. Observe how you are facing it. Are you shamed? Ask why? Tell your ego to go cool. You need to value yourself better than others do. They will not live your life

4. Observe how others are reacting to it. From there you will know who is more endowed with empathy. You know who are valuable persons to keep contact with

5. Define your meaning of failure. Failing is a bad experience or it gave a huge learning? Would you have been happy without trying it?

Then why give so much importance to eliminating failures in our life CVs?

Because, in the end, our end objective is to have fabulous experience, learn well, grow with full brightness as a being and stay joyful for ever

Hence please smile at adversities and failures

Because you are eternal, unsullied, fragrant and bright like a sun

May be we have temporarily forgotten who we are

Failures as much as success tell us who we are

And knowing the self is the biggest satisfaction in life

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