• Rajib Kumar Jena

Are You Lonely..A feeling that can be devastating and yet can be eliminated

Loneliness is very depressing.

When I think of loneliness, the scenes from movie "Gravity" flash backs to me.

When Sandra Bullock was trying desperately connect to the earth from a damaged satellite station and wasn't able to do so for many days, she was a frustrated manic. And, oneday, all of a sudden the device catches signals from earth and she gets to hear the barking of a dog and some feeble chinese talk. The sense of delight was so high in Sandra's face. It didn't matter whether the living being was a human or the language was familiar. What mattered was finding another living being

You can see here in this you tube video


We will die million times, if we cannot get to see, hear, feel another living being. And yet we kill, quarrel, fight, wage wars, isolate, ostracize, and hate. Because we are caught up with selfish needs so indulgently that we don't notice what damage we are doing to the surrounding, to others and to other living beings...

Till we become lonely.. till we start missing the very same things that we tended to ignore and didn't care for...

Hence, we need to reflect back on ourselves, our attitudes, our mindsets, our actions and our behaviors...Are we tolerant, are we loving, are we being gentle to others, are we caring, are we nurturing diligently, are we not giving way to negativity, violence, anger, hatred etc. If yes, you will attract lives around you.

In worst situations, when, hypothetically speaking, you find yourselves utterly alone, you have still one living person with you, i.e, yourself.

You can stay engaged with your passion, your reflection. You can connect with a bigger consciousness and dwell in that huge universal cosmos. You can dive deep within you and discover an ocean.

The universe has a strange way to manifest before you and get engaged with you.

You are never lonely....

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